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Dear blog, I have been reading the Harry Potter book series for the first time. I have been really enjoying them. I read a book and then watch the movie that goes with it, I prefer the books. I feel like the story is explained better in the books. So much is left out in the movies and if you do not read the book then you are missing so many interesting details.

I have also read a book called Dreaming in English by Laura Fitzgerald. I like this book very much. I highly recommend it. This book is about a girl named Tamila she is from Iran and came to visit her sister in the United Sates. Her mom wanted her to stay and meet a husband so she could live the American dream. She manages to stay in the United States thanks to Ike, a man she met in a coffee house. Ike asked Tamila to marry him. They do, this worked out well because now she can claim residence in the United States. Ike's parents did not agree with the marriage because they believed she was just using him. Ike's mom goes to the extreme of having Ike's ex girlfriend come back to town to see if they would get back together. She was offering to become partners for him to own his own coffee house, which is his dream job. Tamila is not out in the clear just yet they still have to go to the interview to see if the government will allow her to stay. If you want to know if she stays or goes back to Iran, you will have to read the book.

The next book I read was The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick. I enjoyed this book also. At first I had in mind it was going to be more like 50 Shades of Grey, well I was wrong. This book is about a man named Pat he was living in the crazy place, as he called it. He was sent there due to an incident that had to deal with his wife and another man. His mom got him out of the place. He started to live his life in the hope of getting his wife back after their time apart. While Pat is at home, he is always working out and trying to be nice to people because he believed these were qualities his wife was looking for. Pat meets a new girl, but he is hesitant about going out with her. In this book Pat tries to teach us to look for the positive side of everything in life. If you are interested to know if he gets back with his wife or goes out with the new girl I recommend you read the book.



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