Seventeen Magazine

Dear blog, I just received the latest Seventeen Magazine. I was very excited because I love to look through the pages so I decided to share what I found with you. What are some of the things you liked from Seventeen Magazine?

I really like Lucy Hale, I was very happy that it was her on the cover. I love her style and I love watching her on Pretty Little Liars.

I've been really in the mood for trying this product I just haven't gotten around to doing it. This is the Olay BB Cream. The packaging looks very cute, that caught my attention.

This is a very pretty phone case, I think beautybaby44 from YouTube has this cover and I love it. 

These shorts are so cute. They are from Forever 21 for $20, I love this peplums style and I would really like to have them, but I do not have a Forever 21 store when I live.

I've been loving having the almond nail shape, I tried this shape on my nails and I really like it.

So I was really excited about this page; a chance to win a trip to see the Pretty little Liars set. I hope I win.

This is a spot treatment that I would like to try. I like spot treatments because they have been working on me.

So that is what I found interesting, what did you find?


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