Howard Johnson Plaza Dezerland Beach and Spa

Dear blog, recently I stayed at a Howard Johnson in Miami Beach, FL. What a disappointment. I wish I could have just walked out of the place. The service at the front desk was terrible, the lady that was checking us in was looking every where and not paying attention to us. I did not get that warm welcome from the hotel like you get at other places. They are not interested in the customer just making more money.The original check in time is at 3:00, but the lady at the front desk told us that we had to wait until 3:20 or we could pay for another room that would get us in at 3:00. That room cost us $28 per night. The reason why we could not wait was because we had food. Now this hotel needs to update their pictures on the website because its false advertisement. Their webpage says there is a gym and a sauna, but when my brother asked they said that was a long time ago. This hotel should not even be allowed on Miami Beach, it was terrible. The pool was never cleaned it always had leaves and dirt in it, the workers would just sit around the pool and watch rather than clean it. Even the jacuzzi didn't work. This hotel had more things broken than actually working. Also, there was a bar out by the pool and on the website it says happy hour from like 4:00 to 7:00. but it does not include the days that happy hour was available. There is no happy hour on the weekends, isn't that silly? The smell in the front lobby was terrible, it smelled like arm pits. The rugs were covered in stains. The hotel has potential because it has a nice theme, but they are doing a terrible job of taking care of it. After charging so much money for a crappy hotel the least they can do is use the money to update and clean the place. Do not stay in this hotel, do not let the pictures on their website fool you like they did me. The hotel looks nothing like the pictures I saw online. Here is their website if you are interested to read all that they say they include, which is a lie.
I did not like the place, I did not like that they were dishonest. Please stay away from this hotel. You have to pay $10 for parking everyday and breakfast is not included. Breakfast at the hotel is $10. This is why I say they charge so much money for everything and they cant even have a decent hotel. My family and I will not be going back to this hotel ever again. Howard Johnson should use my pictures or actually go to the hotel again to update their website.

My pictures from July13, 2013

Hotel Picture of the room

My picture of the pool

Hotel picture of the pool

My pictures of the diner

Hotel picture of the diner


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