Red Juicing

Dear blog, I recently had surgery in my mouth and have not been able to chew my food, so everything has had to be processed through the blender. I have been following and watching itsjudyslife for quite some time now and I always see them drinking green juices; so does other YouTuber's like anniejaffrey. The reason it's taken me so long long to start drinking these juices is because I always see them use a specific kind of blender and I don't have one like that so I can't make any juices, but I recently experienced making juices using a Hamilton Beach blender and it does a great job. Don't be afraid to try it. If you have just a regular blender at home, get it out and start using it. Here is one of the juices I've been drinking. 

Half a red beet
Four mini carrots
Four asparagus
A piece of ginger (only if you like ginger)
Half an apple or mango
Six leaves of spinach
 Once my carrots, red beet, ginger, asparagus, and spinach are cut I placed them in a pot with about half a cup of water and bring it to a boil. This can be done in the microwave as well, place all you cut ingredients in a microwave safe bowl for 5 minutes. You do not need to cook your fruits, just cut them. Once your ingredients are boiled, place them in the blender. You can use the water that your ingredients boiled in or just fresh water. Personally I like to use the water that my ingredients were boiled in because I like the ginger. If you would like, you can put one small spoon of sugar. This drink will turn out red due to using the reed beet. I've been loving these juices. I hope you give it a try and like it as much as I do. It does take some time to get used to it because it's like eating a salad, but you are drinking it instead. Enjoy



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