July Favorites

Dear blog, I'm so sorry that I'm a little late writing about my favorite books for May. For the month of May I read four books, who wouldn't? School is out and my reading list keeps getting longer. I read Emma by Jane Austin. I enjoyed the book, but it  dragged on for a while, it took some time to get to the point, but overall I loved the story. I'm a sucker for romantic novels.
Following Emma I read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I also enjoyed this novel. It had my attention from the very beginning. The bad thing that happens to me and books that have movies made of them though, is that I try to compare the two and I always need to remind myself that they can't do it exactly the same (a perfect example is The Silver Lining Playbook). Anyway, this book made me cry, it was such a great book. I would read it again. Jane Eyre is about a girl who has no parents and is left in the care of her aunt who does not like her, she sees her as a burden. Jane lives with her for some time until her aunt sends her away to a school. In this school, she is not treated well by the owner because he knows Jane's aunt and believes everything she told him about Jane's behavior. Jane makes a friend while going to school there; her friend teaches her how not to get angry at the teachers or anyone who does her wrong. Her friend dies and Jane is left alone. Jane grows up to be a teacher at the school, but she wanted more than that. She finds a position as a governess. She must care for a little girl who is left living with Edward Rochester the Master of Thornfield. When Jane arrives at Thornfield the master is not there, he only comes to visit occasionally and they never know when he will come. Jane meets the master one day when she is walking, but at the time she did not know it was the master. Edward was very mysterious; it was hard to understand him at first. I thought he was just being mean and rude, but on the contrary he was in love with her. Jane and Edward have feelings for each other and decide to get married. Many objections came for the marriage and the wedding did not go through. Jane leaves Edward's house and finds another place to stay. In this new town she finds a school in which she start to teach in for sometime. Until one day she finds out that Edward's mansion has been burned down and she goes and tries to find him. At the end she finds Edward and they marry.

I then read Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menance by Terry Brooks. I really enjoyed this book because it was very close to the movie, but it added some more information in certain sections. I would highly recommended it if you are a fan of Star Wars and have seen the movies.

Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation. I also enjoyed this book, but you have to be familiar with the series to understand the Doctor. This book is another one of his many adventures.

I have been using this Clearasil acne cream for several months now and it has really helped control my acne. 

 This body butter is from Target. This lotion is way better than the one's from Bath and Body Works. This lotion soaks into your skin and it does not leave you oily. It gets inside your skin and leaves it soft and smelling good.

This benefit toner has been working well for my skin, it always cleans my face very well. I use it after my cleansing process and this toner still gets more dirt off my face.

This tropical trail mix is from Walmart. This trail mix was delicious, I loved this as a snack.

The Vampire Diaries
I really like this show and my favorite character is Damon, I can't wait to see the fourth season. Elena and him need to date.

Another food favorites are multi grain pita chips with classic hummus. Oh my goodness, I love hummus, it's delicious. These two together are great. They can be purchased at Publix.



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