Dear blog, these are some of my empty products. 

The first two products are roll on deoradarant. One is Haiku from Avon, I really like it. I did not like the Secret one.

I really like this nail polish remover; it doesn't leave my hands rough after I use it and it gets all the color off my nails.

This Renew lotion from Melaleuca;I like it, but I do not have a subscription so I will not be repurchasing. It leaves my hands soft, it doesn't have a strong smell, and it doesn't leave your hands oily.

I did not like the Tresemme dry shampoo. The smell is terrible it's like spraying bug spray all over your head. Also, it doesn't do a good job in retaining the oil. I will not repurchase this product.

I liked this Satin Care shaving cream. It leaves your skin soft after a shave. Umm I don't think I will buy this particular scent, but I do like this brand.

This has been one of my favorite pink colors, it's by Rimmel 070 Airy Fairy. I highly recommend it, but not alone. Use a lipgloss on top of it.

I did not like this shampoo; I still have dandruff so it does not do what it's meant to do and it's not meant for oily hair.

I did not like the Boo Boo Zap by benefit. I will not be buy that product again. It did not help prevent breakouts and certainly did not zap any pimples. If I remember correctly I think I paid $16 for this product; I will not be making that mistake again. Also, it comes in a small container. This is what it claims it does: (From Sephora website)" Say bye-bye to boo boos with this fast-acting invisible acne treatment. It purifies and dries out blemishes, reducing the appearance of acne-related redness and swelling. Perfect for all skin types, this clarifying wonder is gentle enough to be used multiple times a day, but powerful enough to prevent new blemishes from forming. " Not true.


This product I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I started using this product when I found out I was pregnant because I wanted to avid getting stretch marks. Let me tell you this did not happen: on the contrary my belly is practically filled with them. I was using the lotion to help reduce them, I can't say I have noticed a difference, but I can't say that it hasn't helped to some extent. I feel like if I use any lotion with cocoa butter I would be fine, as long as I keep the belly hydrated. I have another bottle of this to use, but don't feel like it's the only option.

 I love this  Brazilian Nut body butter from Target. This product is pricey, $10, but it's worth the money and I don't usually say that about lotions or body butter. I'm obsessed with the smell, it reminds me of the beach and sunscreen, I like those things put together. I've been using this product mainly on my belly to help with my stretch marks and it has helped with them. I've noticed more of a difference with this product than with the Cocoa Butter Formula. I did repurchase this formula and I like using it before going to bed. Also, its great to use if you have dry feet, I've used it on mine. I highly recommend this product.

I did not like this product, I have problems with extremely dry lips, I have tried many chap sticks. This one was of no help to my lips, they were still dry and flaky. I will not buy this product again.

This is my first time using this shampoo, I had a gift card to a store called Burlington and this was one of the products I wanted to try. I have not seen this product in any other story, its the h2o+ Glowing Grapefruit, I believe it was $4. I did enjoyed the shampoo, it smelled good. I felt like it worked great with my oily hair. If I find it again, I wouldn't mind buying it.

At first I liked the product, but as I used it I was not impressed. It says to say goodbye to shiny skin; after using it my face was still shinny. I will not purchase this item again. This is the Boost no7 Foaming Cleanser.



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