"Pitbull" Armando Christian Perez

Dear blog, you know I'm a Pitbull fan (not the dog, the rapper) and meeting him his very high on my bucket list. Once again Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias will be on tour together this year. I won't be able to go to the concert this year, but not from lack of trying. When I'm in Miami I feel like its the best time to meet him face to face, but it has not happened yet. Now that I'm over 21, he is not doing a meet and greet down here, which is a bummer (he did a meet and greet at a liquor store a few weeks before my 21st birthday a few years back). Anyway in the mail I received this magazine and guess who is on the cover???????????? That's right Pitbull!!!!!!!!!!! I was pumped! The name of the magazine is 305 Fit Wellness Magazine. Pitbull looks great on the cover picture and the pictures inside. Some of his latest hits are: We are one, Wild Wild Love, and of course It's Going Down. I think he looks pretty good. Don't you???


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