Breast feeding

Dear blog, I' am breast feeding my baby and giving him formula. He is a very hungry boy; my breast milk does not fill him up and the formula alone doesn't fill him up either. I tend to breast feed him before he drinks his formula so he will be full and content. Also, at night, drinking the breast milk helps him fall asleep. There are certain essentials that I have noticed I need while breast feeding. Breast feeding at first was very difficult and it was very painful to do, but  it has slowly become a lot easier and less painful.To help ease the pain I have been using this cream.

The nursing bras that I purchased at Walmart are awesome. A must for breast feeding, especially when you are out. Also, the nursing tank tops are amazing; very easy to use and very convenient. I highly recommend the nursing bra and tank tops if you are breast feeding. I tend to leave the nursing bras for when I go out and when I'm at home I just wear a workout bra, they are also easy to use when breast feeding.

I have to use the nursing pads because I will leak all over my clothes. I'm using the Johnson's nursing pads, with the pads I always have to wear a bra. That is why I wear sports bras when I'm at home.

While I'm home I tend to wear either tank tops or old lady style night gowns; you know the ones with buttons all along the front. These are great for breast feeding, all I have to do is unbutton some buttons and I'm ready to breast feed.

To help me produce more breast milk I have been told that drinking hot water with condensed milk helps. I have been drinking this at least twice a day. I think it has helped because I still have milk, even though I leak not long after I drink it.


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