Dr. Brown's Bottle

Dear blog, to feed my baby I have been using Dr. Brown's bottles I like knowing that the way the bottle is set up helps reduce colic, spit up, and gas. I have seen that it reduces the colic and spit up. But not the gas. haha I think its a great bottle company and recommend it to other parents. Now Dr. Brown's bottles are not fun when it's time to clean them because they have so many different parts. If I had known about all the different parts to clean then I probably would have simply ought the Playtex bottles that do the same thing but with less parts. I have used these bottles with my nephew and I really like them. By no means am I saying that Dr. Brown's bottles are bad they are just time consuming to clean and as a parent we want to be smart with our time and I think the Playtex bottles save time. Both bottle companies are great and I recommend them, I just hope you find the one that best fits you and your baby.

To clean my bottles I use dish soap from The Honest Company, I really like this soap. I highly recommend it. I use the dish soap with hot water to help kill any germs and this soap is meant to clean baby bottles so it gives me peace of mind. I purchased this product at buy buy baby for $5.99.

Tools I use to scrub the bottles are these two brushes, they are by Dr. Brown. I use the blue one for the actual bottle and the green one with the different brushes I use for the various parts. These bottles have to be cleaned thoroughly. Milk gets built up in the holes.


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