Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish

Dear blog, I recently tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish, I purchased the nail polish at Target. I had to buy the color I wanted and the top coat, it was $14. The reason I wanted to try this product out was because being a new mom and going to school I don't have much time to paint my nails and since I'm not working I need to be saving money. That is why I thought these would be perfect items to have; oh and I have to do dishes several times a day to wash the bottles, I did not want my nail polish to get ruined. Well surprise, surprise, this nail polish has not lasted; not even one week without chipping. Which is frustrating. The website said they can last up to 14 days, well they are not looking too good.

I got the color Creme de la Creme number 430, it looks ok, after two coats you can still see the nail underneath. I'm going to continue using it because I did spent $14 on it and I don't want to just waste money. Maybe a darker color will look better, if I try one in the future I will make sure to talk about it.

Here you can see where the nail polish has chipped off.

Thank you for stopping by see, talk to you real soon :)
Have a blessed day


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