The Honest Company

Dear blog, it's been a little over a month since I gave birth to my wonderful baby boy. It has been crazy because I'm trying to get the hang of being a mom, but I love every second of being a mother. Since he has been born I have been trying out different baby products. I want to make sure what I use is the best thing for him. Since he has been born I have been using Pampers diapers; I have had some trouble with them. Very often the diapers cannot contain his pee. Whoever is holding him gets wet or his bed does, so I decide to try diapers from a different company to see if it will contain it. I registered for the free trial at the Honest Company site. I have heard so many bloggers talk about the company. I decided to do the free trial first because their diapers are pretty expensive so I wanted to tested them out first.
Let's begin with the positives. I do love that they come in different prints, it makes changing time more enjoyable. Also, I like that the company does not use risky chemicals in their diapers.
Now the negative; the diapers still couldn't contain his pee. The diapers are very rough, not smooth at all. I would like the diaper to be smooth on my baby's bottom. And they are on the expensive side, for now I will stick to Pampers.

From the Honest Company I also chose to try the dish soap to wash my baby's bottles. I do like the dish soap, it little goes a long way. The 16 fl oz bottle was $5.99. I didn't find it expensive and I do recommend the dish soap, so far these have been the only products that I have used from the company.


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