Who wants to get rid of stretch marks????

Dear blog, I thought I would write about the lotions and my routine for dealing with stretch marks. I know every woman hates the fact that we get stretch marks and we are always trying to find that perfect product to help diminish the sight of them or take them completely away. I did struggle with stretch marks before my pregnancy, but they were not too bad; but once I found out I was pregnant and my skin started to stretch, those stretch marks weren't so little anymore. I've been really trying to diminish them. I believe it is working, but it has taken a lot of determination and consistency. I only have three products that I have been using. We don't all have the same skin type and not all products work the same for everyone. These have helped me. I still have stretch marks, but these products have just helped reduced them.

I have talked about this product before and I love it. I apply this product on my stomach's stretch marks before going to bed. I like using it before bed because my body can really soak in the product, I think it has helped with my stretch marks.

I use Burt's Bees' body oil at night as well, right after applying the brazil nut body butter. I use it because vitamin e is good for the skin. It helps my skin stay hydrated. I purchased this product at Target.

I have used all my brazil nut body butter and this is this product contains similar ingredients as the other body butter. This is Amber Romance by Victoria Secret, I use this product at night time.

This product I only use after I shower, I thinks that's when it soaks into my skin.


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