Wish List

Dear blog, here are some items that I have had in mind about buying, I just have not had the money to spend on anything that is not baby related.

You know by now I'm a huge Pitbull fan (Armando Christian Perez). One day I was walking through Sears and on one of the tables I saw a Pitbull poster. I immediately walk to see it and there it was, the Pitbull woman fragrance. Of course my first instinct was to go ahead and spray some on, as soon as I did I knew I had to have it. I did not purchase it, but hopefully soon. Picture from here.

I watch Anna Saccone's blogs and she wears the same accessories everyday by Alex and Ani. I have checked out the website and I like some of their bangles. They are a bit pricey; one bangle is $28, can't quite afford that. 

Also, I've been wanting to try Sally Hansen's gel nail polish, they can be found at Walmart and Target, but every time I have gone, they don't have the color I want. 

While I was at the mall down in Miami I stopped by the Tous store and I came across a very cute and simple pendant of a silver boy. The pendant is very pricey, $82.


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