Zoella Beauty

Dear blog, have you heard about Zoella's beauty products. I had no idea she was coming out with her own beauty line. I'm so excited to try some of her products. I may not know her in real life or ever talk to her, but she sounds like a great person; it would be nice to meet her in person. Hopefully she will do a book signing here in the states. I looked at her products on online and they seem reasonably priced, so I will not mind trying some of them. The products look so girly that they would look great in my makeup vanity.

I visited this website to find the products. Click here. These are the products I'm most excited to try. Oh and I can't wait for her book to come out. I'm so pumped, Aren't you??

This is the Zoella Beauty Let's Glow Fragrance Candle for $8.75

This is the Zoella Blissful Mistful Fragrance Body Mist, 45 ml for $14

This is the Zoella Beauty Eyes Beauty Bag for $14

Take a look at her collection and tell me what you think.


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