H&M Haul

Dear blog, recently my mom made an order from H&M, we are obsessed with this store. We love everything, especially the low prices. This purchase is for the cold months that are coming my way.

For some reason I have no idea where all of my winter hats and mittens are, I think I lost them in our move several months ago, oops.

This is the Cable Knit Hat in light taupe for $12.95. This color would look great with any outfit I decide to wear. Also, I believe it would keep my ears and head quite warm.

This is a 2 pack of Gloves in Burgundy and Gray for $6.95. 

This is the Jersey Set black striped for $12.95 outfit for my baby, I have had my eyes on this panda outfit for a long time. I don't know if I have mentioned it here yet, but I have this huge obsession with panda's now. In another post I'll show my other panda items ;). I love this outfit, I can't wait for him to wear it :D. Oh my goodness, finally the panda bib that I have been wanting to get from H&M are back, I'm so going to get one.


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