Ray Ban?????

Dear blog, I have been wanting to own a pair of  Ray Ban sunglasses and not to long ago my husband surprised me with my own pair (the sunglasses cost $200 very expensive). I was so excited because they were just my style. The lenses are pink (my favorite color), the frame is black, and the legs are white. I mean they are gorgeous and I just loved wearing them every time I went out. I would even get upset when there was no sun because I wanted to wear my fancy sunglasses. Well little did I know that Ray Ban's will break easily. I was wearing my sunglasses very proudly, but I had to bend down to pick something up. The next thing I know my Ray Ban's are on the floor shattered; not both lenses, only one. How is that possible? They cost $200; for that price you would think they were better quality. I mean I would never expect them to break that easily. So many people purchase from that company, I thought it was a smart company to invest in a pair of sunglasses. I mean I absolutely love my sunglasses, it's a shame that they broke. To be honest, I do not trust that  company any more. I'm not going to be giving my money away on sunglasses that are not going to last. My husband has contacted them, and they said there is nothing they can do without us spending more money. Isn't $200 enough; you would think that part of that money can be used for repairs for at least one circumstance. I mean its not my fault that the sunglasses fell and shattered. I would not recommend this company, I won't be purchasing any more sunglasses from them. I do hope they work with me to fix my sunglasses. I really hate seeing $200 down the drain. When I splurge on an item that is expensive I expect for it to last a long time and not break easily; that is the reason why I invest in expensive products because they should be better. Well how wrong I was.

Here is a picture of the front of my sunglasses. You can see where the lens is missing.

The back.

 Here are pieces of the lenses, I'm so sad that they broke :(.


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