Favorite Youtubers from the UK

Dear blog, for the past several months I have been watching YouTubers from another country. I had recently found them and I'm obsessed with their channel. One thing I like about YouTube is that I have been given the opportunity to watch these people live their lives, but also learn about their culture. I was not born in the United States, I was born in Cuba, and moving to a new country has really made me appreciate cultures and the differences in them. The YouTuber's I have been watching live in England, I know how cool is that? This is a place that I desperately want to visit. I keep trying to convince my husband to take me soon and when I say soon, I mean in December. I have learned so much about their culture, and I love everything that they have accomplished. By watching their videos I can tell that they spend many hours of their days working on their videos.

1. I think this one is an obvious pick, but oh well. It is Zoe from Zoella and MoreZoella. I love her main blog and vlog channel. They are so interesting and full of laughs. I have loved watching her launch party vlog and seeing her book printer magical. These two events are something I have always wondered about. How is a beauty launch event planned? I could only think of how beautiful it was, Zoe looks like a very girly girl and I love it. Oh and seeing her book printed; I have always wanted to write my own book, and now after seeing her book, I have book fever (is that even a thing lol). Her book is Girl Online it is not out yet, but it will hit shelves in a couple weeks.

2. Pointlessblogtv is going to be the next one. If you didn't know already, he is dating Zoe. Crazy right? I believe I only watch his second channel where he vlogs. I absolutely love it. He has taken us to book signings in New York City; how cool is that? Well, since I mentioned his book signing, you should know he also has a book. I do not own his book but from what I have read, other readers have really enjoyed it. He has recently attended the premier of Mocking Jay; this is awesome, I wish I could attended that event. I read all three of those books in just over two days and I own the first two movies. I just find it amazing that he was invited to that event. His book is called the Pointless Book and is already available for purchase if you wish to do so.

3. This next person also has two channels and I keep up with both. The channels are Gabriella and Gabriella Lindley . I always look forward to her videos, they are always so fun. She seems like a very down to earth kind of girl. I feel like she and I can relate, we both like to sing (she takes voice lessons). The most professional help I have gotten was being in my college choir. Also, she is shy when it comes to vloging with others around; that is one of the main reasons why I don't, more power to her lol.

4. Essiebutton, she also seem like a very down to earth kind of girl. She is very simple, which makes her someone I can relate too. I have enjoyed watching her makeup, fashion, and travel videos. I don't only get to learn about the UK, but also about all of the other places she has visited; for example Istanbul would be an interesting place to visit, it looks very cool.

All of the ladies I have mentioned seem like really cool ladies that would be amazing to meet. They are also very beautiful and talented. I enjoy watching their videos and learning about them and their culture. I'm thankful that they share that with us. I get to learn about places that I may never get to visit. And I know I mentioned only one guy and that is because he is the only one I have actually sat down to watch.


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