Origami Owl

Dear blog, in some of my older posts, I have written about a little boy pendant that is found at Tous. But the pendant is over $80. So, I was searching the Origami Owl website for a gift for my mom. If you don't know what Origami Owl is, its a store where you can build and buy a necklace of your own. They sell charms that mean something to you. For mother's day this year, I purchased my mom a necklace with charms from the Origami Owl. I got her a silver necklace and a silver locket ($16). For the charms I got her my brothers' and my birth stone in the shape of little boys and a little girl, and two little blue feet, one for my nephew and one for my son. But I didn't get one for her marriage. Each charm is $5, It it's not expensive considering Pandora is much more expensive. So I have decided to get her marriage charm for Christmas; I got a silver ring. She loved the necklace, she wears it all the time; it has become a staple piece for her. I think it's because it has such meaning, those are always the best items. I don't own a necklace of my own, but I would love too; especially now that I saw they carry the charm of a little boy and no where near the price of the Tous charm.

So I only need the chain and the charm holder. I chose stainless steel. There are many different styles of chains and charm holders that range from anywhere from $10-$32. There are different sizes to the charm holder depending on how many charms you would like to have in it.

The charms I have chosen are the boy, Love to Read, Ballet SlipperGold Wedding Ringfamily heart, NutcrakerEiffel Tower, Silver Cross.

The boy charm I have is one I have been wanting since I had my little boy who I love so much.
The Love to Read charm is just cute because I love to read; its one of my favorite past times.
Ballet slipper, no I'm not a ballerina, but I would have loved to be one. Anyway, dancing is a huge passion of mine.
Wedding ring, well because I'm married of course.
Family heart because my family is so important to me and a huge part of me.
The Nutcracker; well I love Christmas and would really like to see the Nutcracker play. It's on my Bucket List, hopefully it can be checked off this December.
Eiffel Tower; this is also a reminder of where I would like to visit some day. This is something I would like to check off my Bucket List. France, Paris is at the top.
Cross, this is a reminder that Jesus died on a cross for my sins.

There is a large variety of charms you can choose from; these are the one's that I chose because several have sentimental value to me. Each charm is $5; I think they are a great price and I just love that you can personalize it however you want.


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