A Belle's Baubles

Dear blog, I recently discovered this website that sells beautiful bracelets made of wire and necklaces. The bracelets come with either a gold or silver wire; crystals adorn the bracelets and necklaces, they are beautiful. I ordered one for myself; it has white elephants. I absolutely love the way it looks on my arm. I have looked at other boutiques that sell similar products and this particular boutique has it at the best price. I was hesitant about purchasing from the other boutiques, but once I found this one I had to get the bracelet with the elephants. I highly recommend this boutique; I have seen many bloggers sporting these kind of bracelets. A Belle's Baubles

Here we have the lovely Shelby from Pretty In The Pines wearing the bracelets. Since they use different colored crystals, you can purchase the colors that best compliments your outfits.

Here is another blogger sporting these kind of bracelets. A Preppy State of Mind. An awesome thing about these bracelets is that they look great when stacked.

Here is the one I ordered from the site. I love it, I have been wearing it everywhere since it arrived in the mail :). This one is called The Ellie; I find that the elephants add a little something to the bracelet, I really like it.


  1. Those are really cool bracelets.
    xx, jodi

    1. They are very nice! They look amazing on; great to stack them with other bracelets :)


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