November Favorites 2014

Dear blog, its that time again, another month has come and gone. So it's time for me to do my November favorites. I would love to know what you liked from the month of November. So please leave me a comment below.

I am really bad when it comes to remembering to remove my makeup before going to bed because I never had a product that I liked. Usually they are too oily or leave the area around my eyes feeling dry. Around two months ago I made a small purchase from The Body Shop online and bought the Camomile eye makeup remover. I absolutely love this makeup remover, it does a great job of removing all of my makeup, include mascara and leave my eyes feeling good. This product is just perfect not too oily, but not too harsh on the skin; again it's perfect! This is the Camomile gentle eye makeup remover.

Another product I have been loving is the lip balm's by Burt's Bees. I love this moisturizing one in coconut. I used this while I was in labor. This product has really helped my lips stay flake free. I highly recommend it; also it smells so delicious! This has been a life saver in the cold weather. I purchase my Burt's Bees products from Target.

Since it's extremely cold out and my skin is on the dry side, I'm having to use extra lotion. The lotion has been helping my skin stay hydrated and looking nice. I have been using Renew; it has done a great job of keeping my skin moisturized and soft, which is a big deal during the cold months. This lotion is from the online store Melaleuca, I have tried several products from them and I have liked them all. I do not have my own account with them, I used products my brother received. I highly recommend their products. To know more about them, click here. I hope to use more of their products in the future.

Another moisturizing product is from Jergens, I bought it at Walmart. I use this at night, before going to bed. I apply it all over my face. It is a heavy moisturizer, but during these cold months my skin needs this strong of a moisturizer. My face has been really dry and flaky, this product has helped my skin feel hydrated and look flawless. I highly recommend this product; its from the drugstore, so it's not expensive and it comes in this large jar that brings lots of product.

Also, I have been loving my Naked Basic palette. This is  my first time using any of the Naked products from Urban Decay. I absolutely love this palette; it gives me the perfect nude/smokey eyes. I use all of the shades to create the perfect look. I highly recommend it, I can't believe it took me this long to try this product.

This is on a more personal note; I have been loving my Victoria's Secret workout bras. Oh my goodness, these babies hold everything in place. I don't have to worry about anything popping out or just moving all over the place while I jump. These are the best workout bras I have tried; I highly recommend them. I absolutely love them! Great fit, quality, and beautiful prints.While I'm talking about Victoria's Secret, did you see the pictures from the Fashion Show 2014; wow gorgeous. That is a fashion show I dream of attending; it looks so much fun and girly. All the models looked great :)!


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