Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, for several years I have dealt with thyroid problems; I have hypothyroidism; this slows everything down, you have no energy, memory loss, fatigue, and weight gain. Which I have experienced all of these symptoms, even hough I do take my medicine every day to keep it under control. I'm not using this as an excuse, but it sure is making the weight loss progress slow. For the last couple of months I have been feeling really down; especially every time I look in the mirror. I feel disgusted, ugly, and fat; I know I should not think this way (the weight should not matter). But I feel like I have no energy. I have been doing workouts I would be able to do before my pregnancy with no problem, now I'm struggling and that has really gotten to me. So I have decided to make changes in my life; eating and working out wise. I have decided to take on the challenge of finishing this month's blogilates calendar. I love working out to blogilates; but I have never completed the monthly calendar.

A little background information; I have been married for 5 years now, when I got married I was at a good weight, I looked good and had energy; but at the time I did not see it that way. I wanted to keep losing, isn't that how it goes? Before I got married all I would eat was fish and veggies. Well after the wedding of course we went on our honeymoon and I ate so much bad food; we went to Disney World! After the honeymoon was over I went back home to Miami and started packing to leave home and come to a new place, Arkansas. There were so many changes happening in my life that I turned to food. I had left my family for the first time; moved many miles away. I was living with someone new and I was starting college. I had no idea what to do, well I would cry so much and eat foods like pizzas and cake every week and that is how this started. I did not know how to cope with all of these changes all at once; all I wanted to do was go back home with my parents. It took me about a year to realize what I had done to my body (I weighted 193) and decided to get back on track and start eating healthier and working out, but every time something would sneak in. I would get sick and have some medical problems and that would make me miss my parents. I think it's the worst for girls to get sick and not be able to turn to your mom; she always knows what to say and her hugs will immediately make you feel better. I feel like every year I have experience some sort of medical issue. Anyway last year I was on a good track I was eating healthy, working out every day I was feeling good my weight was dropping and then the next thing I know, I'm Pregnant!! I know crazy! At the beginning of my pregnancy I lost some weight, but as I reached my last trimester I was hungry all the time and that is when I began to gain more weight. Now we are in the present; I have not been able to lose all the weight before the baby; I believe I lost all of the baby weight.

I feel like I chose the wrong month to begin on this fitness journey, but what better time than the present, right?? So my goal for right now is to complete the entire blogilates December calendar and hopefully I will start seeing some minor changes in my body. Also, I will be changing my diet to more healthier foods. I have started a journal to keep track of what I eat and of my weight each day; this way I can go back and see my transformation. Also, it will help me stay on track. I have a reflection section at the end of each day. To help me stay on track, I will use the reflections that I write through out the week to come in here and write how my progress is going. This will help me stay motivated because I don't want to come across as a slacker. So every Sunday I will write my progress for that week. My current weight is 190 and I hope to return to my high school weight of 120-130.

This will be the beginning of something new. I'm going to need lots of strength, commitment, and prayers!


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