Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Dear blog, since the Girl Online book by Zoe Sugg came out, I have been reading it. It has taken me over a month to finish the book. Which is crazy because I have read books in four hours before. At first I was really not sure what to think of the book. Her writing style is not one I'm used to reading; it did take quite some time to read it. About two days ago I decided to pick the book back up and finish reading it; I still have two other books to finish. I've been making more time to read since I have not being reading nearly as much as I used too. Anyway enough rambling and back to Zoe's book. I have the Nook-book so it makes it easier to read at night when my hubby and baby are sleeping. I really enjoyed the story line; not at all what I was hopping for the story to be about. I'm not saying it was bad, it was a good book. I quite enjoyed it; I was actually sad about what happened to Penny. If you have not read the book I don't want to give everything away.

The book is about a girl named Penny that lives in Brighton, United Kingdom. She struggles with anxiety attacks due to a car accident she and her family experienced. She was having a difficult time at school because she was so clumsy and is always embarrassing herself. Penny had an embarrassing experienced a school while she was taking a picture of the school's play; she fell and everyone saw her panties. She didn't know what to do, especially since a video of her falling was posted online. Her parents decided that she doesn't need to go to school until after Christmas day. Penny, her parents, and best friend Elliot, are invited to go to New York City to host a wedding. If you remember I mentioned that Penny struggles with anxiety attacks, so you must know that getting on a plane to travel across the world was not going to be an easy thing for Penny to do. While in New York, Penny, her parents, and Elliot are staying in this marvelous hotel, with a great view of New York City. Penny is helping her mom decorate for the wedding, and that is when she meets Noah. Penny and Noah have a wonderful time together; they both end up having feelings for each other, but nothing could happened due to them living in two different parts of the world. When Penny is back in the UK she finds out that the Noah she thought she knew was actually a different person. I really want to keep telling you about what happens, but if I do it will most certainly ruin the book. If you are interested in teenage romance I recommend this book.

I feel like there is so much to learn about from this book; not letting our anxiety get the best of us. I am someone who struggles with anxiety. I spend so much time worrying about not embarrassing myself. I worry about my grades; I go a bit  crazy at the thought of getting a B. When I'm on a plane, car, or boat, I spend a good amount of time praying because I don't want anything bad to happen. Its just something in my life that I need to work on; I mainly need to remember that God is in charge of my life and that all my worries and anxiety I can take to Him and He will take care of them.

If you are currently reading a book; leave a comment below with the name of the book. I'm always looking for books to read.


  1. Thanks for sharing!!! Will definitely look into reading it!


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