Dear blog, now that a new semester has started I feel like I need to do everything possible to stay motivated and on schedule. To keep motivated I watch movies that show other women focused on the task on hand. Here are the films that I watch to motivate and help me stay focused on what I want. To be honest I have watched these films so many times, especially when I'm working on an assignment and I'm losing my focus.

1. Legally Blonde: who is with me? The scene of her getting mad and barging out of the "costume" party gets me all the time. The way she gets determined to work hard and be recognized as a smart person; that she can do it too! I love it. Sometimes I feel like her, down and discouraged. I start feeling like a terrible student, but then I see her succeed and become what everyone thought she couldn't. After I see that I imagine myself accomplishing my dreams and doing what I thought couldn't do.

2. To get inspiration and motivation while I'm required to write a paper for class I watch the Sex and the City movies. I see Carrie as an inspirational writer, since she does write books! The Carrie character motivates me to write and to not give up.

3. The last film is the Devil Wears Prade and this one motivates in the sense of working for my dreams and to not give up. If I want something bad enough I should work hard for it, but always do the right thing. I love the clothes use in this film, one of the accessories that always sticks out to me is a Chanel necklace Andrea wears; such a pretty necklace. This motivates to continue blogging since is something I'm passionate about.

What are some films that motivate you?


  1. I don't have a movie but I do like your post :)


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