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Dear blog, I have been needing new workout shoes since I have committed to this weight loss journey. So my wonderful and kind husband surprised me with these pink Nike shoes. I was so excited about my new pink shoes. I love pink!!!  I have never owned Nike shoes. These shoes are so comfortable, they make working out fun and not just because they are pink, haha. These shoes are absolutely the best, I feel like I'm waking on clouds. That is something I like about shoes; these have a padding that helps my feet stay comfortable. Also, they do not hurt the back of my Achilles tendon, usually my shoes hurt and I can't use them. I mean, who likes to workout in uncomfortable shoes?  My shoes are from Finish Line; they are Nike Free Running Shoes in vivid pink and metallic silver. My husband bought them on sale and if you are interested, you should get them while they are still on sale. All around good shoes, very comfortable and cute. I highly recommend them if you are looking for new workout shoes. 


  1. They are so cute and look really comfortable!

    Ana Leote | Meet Me @ 2 am

  2. New workout shoes definitely give me that kick in the rear that motivates me to keep working out. I got black and white Nikes earlier this year, and I love how they look so I've found I work out more. Score!

    Another Beautiful Thing

    1. That is great! Anything that gives us motivation its good, and cute shoes are definitely a motivation!

  3. Ah they are gorgeous! I wish they were mine :)


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