Week 6 Weight Loss Journey

Dear blog, once again no change in my wight. I look slimmer, but no weight has come off. I have not gained or lost weight; my brother says it's because I don't have a clean diet and I think he is right. I have been working out really hard, but not made much improvement in the types of food I have been putting into my body. I'm really trying to make better choices, but those sweets get me all the time. Also, I feel hungry all the time, I don't understand. It has really been hard. For this coming week I'm going to try to stay away from sweets and of course continue to work out hard core. I feel like I should only document when there is actual weight loss happening. What do you think or are you liking the weekly updates?


  1. I think you should document everything, because this can help you to improve! You can do it!

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  2. good luck, love the blog!

  3. Sweet always get me too! I love the making recipes from this lovely blog! She has so many great healthy recipes and many healthy sweets that can be modified to fit your tastes:) Heres the blog: http://www.ambitiouskitchen.com



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