Empties 2015

Dear blog, another two graduate classes under my belt; I'm so glad. In another week I will be starting another set of classes. I have had a chance to look through the syllabus and it looks like for the next seven weeks my hands will be full. The fun continues, but I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Let's begin with The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil body scrub. Love, love, this product. This is a very gentle scrub, but it gets the job done. The smell is absolutely stunning. I highly recommend this product. I will be repurchasing this product.

 The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil shower gel. This is a great shower gel and it smells amazing. This is my all time favorite, I have several of these stock up. Highly recommend it.

The Body Shop Olive Shower gel, I did not like the scent of this shower gel, I would not repurchase this scent :(. I mean it works great, I just can't handle the smell.

Bath and Body Works Paris Amour shower gel; this is my favorite scent from this store. I highly recommend and I would repurchase it. First, because I love the scent, second, because Paris is a place I want to visit. Amazing scent if you have not tried it, you need too.

Imari lotion from Avon, this was given to me as a gift, I would not personally buy it for myself. It wasn't a bad lotion it did hydrate my skin. The scent is a bit overwhelming I do like softer girly scents.

White Rain Kids Detangling Spray in Zany Watermelon. This is a very cheap detangler that I purchase at the drug store. It helps ease the tangles in my hair, it's a great product for a great price. I already have a new one.

The CHI  Shine Infusion, I have had this product for quite some time now, I had a love and hate relationship with it. I love the smell, the way it makes my hair feel soft, but it makes my hair absolutely oily. I had to wash it the day after. I would not repurchase it, but if you have dry hair and need to hydrate it then use this product.

This is the BioCe rehydrating 2-in 1 cleanser & toner. I really didn't care for this product is wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. It got the job done, I do like that it works as a toner as well.

This is the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle. Love the color and very hydrating. I highly recommend this color. I like my neutral look, and this definitely did the trick while I had it.

The last product is the Ralph Lauren Big Pony #2. I did like the scent I would repurchase sometime in the future. It's a very light, clean scent. This is perfect for Spring and Summer time. If you are looking for a scent for this time of year, give this one a try.


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