Books for the month of April

Dear blog, this month I have read two John Green books; Paper Towns and The Fault in our Stars. Both books were good, definitely the romance novels I've been in the mood to read. I highly recommend both of these, but prepare yourself to cry like a baby in The Fault in our Stars I could not stop crying towards the end and if you want to know why you need to read it. I have not watched "The Fault in our Stars" movie; I'm hopping it comes out on Redbox soon.

One that is not a favorite for this month is The Longest Ride by Nicholas Spark. My goodness, I did not like this book. No romance, very dry. Also, it felt rushed towards the end. The story was very predictable and I felt like I was reading two different books, since the book was going back and forth between Sophia/Luke and Ira. I'm hopping the movie is better.


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