Day 26, 27, and 28

Dear blog, it has been a rough couple of days. Day 26: I had a job interview so I was nervous all morning and couldn't eat anything. When I got home I did have a cup of coffee. For lunch I had crackers and half a can of tuna. I did have half a burger, but that wasn't that good (hence, why I didn't eat all of it). For a snack I had a Special K Protein bar. Before going to workout I had two bananas. For dinner I had a chocolate milk replacement from Kroger, Slim Rite; it tasted really good. I have been doing some research and it says that it should not be used if trying to diet/lose weight. Before bed I had a cup of tea.

Day 27: For breakfast I had this drink that came with my Young Living Essential Oils Kit, this is the Ningxia Red. For a snack, Almond milk, strawberries, and banana smoothie. Lunch was rice, salmon, and some chips. I had a cup of coffee and a couple of bites of pie. Later on I had a turkey sandwich. For a workout I did Zumba. For dinner I had Chinese food :(.

Day 28: For breakfast I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a cup of coffee. For lunch I had two hot dogs on whole wheat bread (I only used two pieces of bread). To drink I had water with Citrus Fresh essential oil. I do use my oils in a glass cup, it should not be used with plastic cups. I had a steak and a Special K bar before going to Fitness Boot Camp. I did have a Kroger Slim Rite, but that did not fill me up :(. I did have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with half a cup of milk. 


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