Day 3 and 4 of May Fitness

Dear blog, in this post I'm going to include day 3 and day 4. Yesterday I was sick the whole day. My body was aching so badly, I couldn't even make it to church, so I just slept. I didn't workout. For breakfast/lunch I had a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, a doughnut. For a snack, I had half a blueberry doughnut and a cookie. For dinner, I had a ham and cheese sandwich with chips. Let's just say not the best choices in food :(. I also, drank water and two cups of tea.

Well good thing I have a new day to do things differently and make better choices. So far for breakfast I had a piece of toast on Ezekiel bread (I absolutely love this bread), with some peanut butter and SkinnyMint Detox tea. For lunch I had one piece of bread with half a can of tuna. My husband surprised me with Chinese food so I ate that as well. Around 5:45 we walked/ran for about 30 minutes. We came back home, I had an apple, peach, and mango juice (not the best combination). I went to the gym for 25 minutes and worked on legs. I had to eat a big dinner because I was feeling weak like I was going to faint. I need to work on my diet a little better.


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