Disney World

Dear blog, I love Disney movies and Disney parks. I recently signed up for the Disney Movie Club again and I’m so glad I did. Now, with a child, I felt that it was appropriate to start collecting more Disney movies, I’m missing several. I really want The Lion King movies; first, because it’s a really good movie, and second because it’s my baby’s nursery theme. I also, needed the Finding Nemo movie because that’s the theme I’m doing for his 1st birthday. If you are a Disney fanatic, I recommend you become a member of this club, it’s really worth it. By signing up we got 6 movies for $21. That is the cost of only one movie and not to mention they were all Blu-Ray. There is a contract but it’s not a bad one, you have two years to buy 4 movies at original price which I don’t mind because there are many Disney movies coming out that my husband and I like.

I’m so excited because we have a family trip planned for Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom; for my baby’s first birthday. I know he is going to be little and won’t remember, but I think it will be a nice experience. I decided to stay at the All Star Movie Resort; this will be my first time staying at a resort which I’m really looking forward to. Also, I made reservations at the restaurant Be Our Guest which I've been wanting to do since it opened. I’m so excited beyond words. This will be my first time going since the Magic Band was created; I think they are adorable. I got mine in pink, I really want to buy some characters to put on it. Are you going to Disney World this summer?


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