May Fitness Day 12,13,14, and 15

Dear blog, yesterday was a rough day. My baby was so clingy because he has been sick. I like the clingy part because we get to cuddle; I just don't like the sickness part. I did not get to write my daily fitness update, but it's okay I can do it today.

On day 12 I had a breakfast sandwich (bacon, egg, on Ezekial bread). I drank my SkinnyMint Detox tea. For lunch, I had sweet potato, steak, and brown rice. Before going to workout, I had the GNC Lean Shake Burn protein shake. Drinking this shake has really improved my workout experience. I have more energy and don't feel weak. This has been something I have struggled with for several years. While working out, I get light headed and often faint, and it happened when I first started boot camp. I was determined to stick to the boot camp and was not going to let that get in the way so I decided to try the shake and it worked great. If you struggle with this as well, try a protein shake before your workout. For dinner I had a kiwi, strawberry, and milk smoothie. I did have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as well because I was so hungry. My workout for today was boot camp, this was intense cardio. It was insane, but I loved it. He did weigh and measure us. Every Tuesday we will be weighed so I have to make sure I don't gain any weight.

On day 13 for breakfast I had a sandwich (bacon, egg, on Ezekial bread). I did not drink my detox tea, instead I had some chamomile tea with lemon and honey. For lunch I had a turkey sandwich with some chips. For dinner two slices of pizza and three chicken strips. As a workout I rode my stationary bike for 4 miles.

On day 14 for breakfast we went to Cracker Barrel we had to take our baby to the doctor. I had a sunrise sampler. For a workout I went to boot camp. For dinner I had a salad with a pork chop.

On day 15, I haven't done much other than going to the doctor and sleeping. I did have a breakfast sandwich. For dinner two small bowls of chicken and vegetables soup. Here is the recipe Chunky Chicken Vegetable by Kraft.


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