May Fitness Day 2

Dear blog, today we went to the track near our house to workout. We began by walking to the track and stretching once we got there. We walked around the track once, before running. I ran a whole lap; as I was beginning the second, my one of my shoe laces came untied and I had to stop. That threw me out of my grove so I just walked. I ran stairs as my husband finished running. I had a rough time doing the stairs, but I'll get better at it.

Today I did not eat breakfast because I woke up not feeling well. For lunch we went to Sumo Japanese Stake House: I had a soup, sushi, rice, chicken, and vegetables. After that, we went to the mall to walk off our meal and we always have to stop at Starbucks. I had a green tea frapuccino with no whipped creme. I love this drink. For dinner, I had three pieces of pizza and right now I'm having my Detox tea. I hope you all have enjoyed this amazing weekend and spent time exercising your body.


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