May Fitness

Dear blog, I'm still working on my weight loss journey. I have not being doing too well. I have decided to join the gym near my house and take some yoga classes. I feel like I need to try this to see if I stay motivated and see results. I have the month of May off from school; no classes. I'm not a fan of getting a break, but oh well. I'm going to use this month as my fitness month since I have no extra distractions. This month, I'm also trying the SkinnyMint tea detox. I will write a review at the end of each day describing what exercises I performed and the food I ate. On the 15th I will give a half way point update. At the end of the month I will post any results I have. I hope you will enjoy it.


  1. Dino's,
    Please consider joining Arkansas Women Bloggers at It's free:). I believe you will enjoy being in the company of other bloggers and participating in our discussions and programs. If you have any questions, please contact me at diningwithdebbieblogg AT gmail DOT COM. I am one of the administrators.

  2. That should have said Dunio! It autocorrected on me!


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