Husbands vs. Wives

Dear blog, I read Becky Thompson's recent blog post "Three Reasons I'm Fighting With My Husband" and it made me think deeper about my own marriage. Everything she discussed was very accurate. When my husband and I had our first baby, it was so overwhelming. We didn't know what to do. As an education major, I have read many books about child development and ways to discipline them, but it's different when you actually have one of your own.

We are not a perfect couple, we argue and sometimes we argue about silly things, but now that we have a baby (and another on the way) I think there are even more issues to argue over. We don't always agree on how to parent. We come from very different backgrounds and cultures: my husband was born in the United State while I was born in Cuba. Sometimes it is very difficult to explain how I think parenting should be. In the Hispanic culture, family is very important; we always try to stay near each other and help each other out, while in the American culture it doesn't seem as important.

Becky brings up several important issues in her blog. Instead of fighting with our husband about our differences, we need to be fighting and working together to teach our children the basics of life. Always using the Bible as our guide and always relying on the Lord for strength and wisdom. Because, let me tell you, it's not easy, but its possible with God's help. The exhasution and constant repeating of orders ("Don't touch that, don't do that, leave that thing alone," you get the point) may get the best of us, but we shouldn't always use that as an excuse to fight with our spouse. We should in fact look to our spouse for the strength to continue.

I love the way God works; I read this blog one day and the next day my devotional covered a similar topic. I learned about this devotional from Becky's blog, it's Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus  by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk. I purchased a digital copy for my Nook. I didn't want to wait for physical copy to be snail mailed, I wanted to start immediately. The chapter I'm referring to is, Parenting Together. In this chapter, she describes how she and her husband have different expectations of their parenting style. Her argument is, we must be on the same page as our husbands if we are to be effective parents.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and please go read Becky's post because I think it's a great lesson.

Have a blessed day :)


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