Mother's Day Wish List

Dear blog, Mother's Day is around the corner and this year is very special to me. Not only do I get to celebrate my second year of being a mom, but this will be my first year celebrating Mother's Day with my mom when are both mothers (I wasn't able to be with her last year for my first). This is a big deal for me because my mom is my best friend and I just love sharing special moments with her. Going along with being my first year celebrating with my mom, I want to treat her to a Manicure and Pedicure day with me. I would love to take her to the spa again. I really enjoyed our "couples" massage from last year at Massage Envy. But if the spa is not a possibility, just getting a mani-pedi will be good for me.

I'm a Young Living Essential Oils fan! I love the concept behind the oils, if they were used during biblical times why shouldn't we use them now? I do use the oils in my house. I diffuse oils in my son's room almost every night, especially if I notice he has a running nose. I need to get my hands on another diffuser so I can use it in my room as well. I'm using other Young Living products and I will be more than happy to talk about in another post. But for the sake of this post there are some specific products I would love to own.

1. Myrrh; this oil has been out of stock for the last couple of days. I'm really hopping it comes back in stock before Mother's Day. I had a friend prepare me a sample of this oil and I have fallen in love with it. I can't wait to have a bottle of my own. It smells amazing, I've read that it's great to use on your face as a lotion.

Here is a slide on some ways to use Myrrh. The disclaimer is found on the slide.

2. Lavender; I've been out of this oil for a couple of months and I have no idea why I have gone so long without getting it again. I like to diffuse this oil at night to help my son sleep. I'm definitely ordering this oil again.

3.  Ortho Sport Massage Oil or Ortho Ease Massage Oil; I haven't tried any of these two products, but I've heard some wonderful reviews from friends. I'm looking forward to trying these on my back to help with the pain.

Don't let the short list of oils fool you, there are way more oils I want to try; these are just the one's that I want now lol. But my list is very long!

Last thing on my list is an essential oil diffuser necklace. I have found some cute one's on Amazon . The necklace brings felt pads for you to diffuse your oils.

I recently discovered this online store called Sacred Arrow, which sells a diffuser necklace. There are so many cute selections, but the one I really like is the one shown below; its the 18" Mixed Metal Owl Diffuser Necklace. 

18" Mixed Metal Owl Diffuser Necklace

Have a blessed day :)


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