Baby Be Mine-Maternity Wish List

Dear blog, I'm trying to find cute maternity hospital gowns. My first delivery was a C section, I took outfits for both options, c section or natural. But now I know that I will be having a c section and I felt that gowns were a lot more comfortable than wearing pants.

I found this really cute hospital gown at Baby be Mine. Since this time I'm having a girl, I really want to have a pink gown! I found this really cute one called Molly Gownie, I love that it's pink with white polka dots; adorable!

Here is another one that is a similar print, but different style. It's the Molly Maternity/ Nursing Sleeveless Nightgown . I like that it's easy to nurse in since I do plan to breast feed my baby.

This baby outfit is perfect because it matches the print of the items I have chosen. Perfect for the mother and daughter outfit. This is the Molly Baby Receiving Gown and Hat.

Cute websites with great items for maternity, very chic and cute!
Have a blessed day :)


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