Dear blog, here are some products that I have finished up. This is one of my favorite blogs to write because I like to reflect on the products that I have used, to see if I would purchase them again.

This is a shower gel I purchased at Kmart, I really like the smell of this shower gel. It has a very light scent. When I used it, I felt like I was at the spa taking a bath with milk. I have used this product in the past and I buy it every time I get a chance. While searching for this product online, I saw that Walmart carries it, so yay!. 

I absolutely love this makeup remover from The Body Shop; this is the Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. It can also be purchased at Ulta. I'm so sad I used up this product, I can't wait to purchase it again. I highly recommend this product. This product removed all of my eye make up and it was very gentle. I enjoy shopping at The Body Shop, their products are very good and I have enjoyed using them. 

 For some reason I can't find this product online, it keeps saying discontinued. This is the Caress Scarlet Blossom, it makes me sad that it's discontinued because I enjoyed the scent of this body wash. It has a very sensual scent, if you can find it in stores I highly recommend you try it.

I highly recommend this Pacifica Sea Foam face wash. This product has coconut water, which is one of the main reasons why I would purchase this product again. This has a very light scent and it was very gentle on my skin. I used it everyday in the shower. Hopefully I can buy it soon.

The last product on my list is the Tarte travel size BB tinted treatment. I bought mine at Sephora, it was up in the front while I was waiting to pay for my products. I used this product everyday for work, it was very light on my skin, I like light coverage for when I'm working. I find it more comfortable to handle through out the day. This was a great product that I would purchase again and I highly recommend that you try it if you haven't already. I purchased it in the shade light.

Have a blessed day :)


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