Hospital Food Diary Day 2

Dear blog, like I mentioned in my previous posts I'm going to have lots of time on my hands. I figured I should keep a diary on what I was given to eat while I was at the hospital, just for sentimental value. My first day here was kinda chaotic, I didn't even think about taking pictures of my food. So we will begin with day 2.

For breakfast I forgot to take the picture, I was just so hungry that I didn't even think about it. It wasn't a bad breakfast; it was waffle casserole, which was really yummy, with turkey sausage patties, cereal, milk, and juice. I really enjoyed my breakfast, I really wish I had a picture of it.

Now I can't say the same thing about my lunch, it did not sit well in my stomach. I felt a little sick after eating it. I could not finish that meal ;(.

My dinner was just dropped off; let's take a pick of what's for dinner. Honestly it did not look appealing to me so I will have my husband eat this meal and he can find me something else to eat. He has been such a trouper through all of this, I'm thankful for him.

Instead I had this!
I'm thankful for friends who make the time to come and visits us during this time and bring goodies. Oh and brought us all of The Big Bang Theory DVD's, we have watched all of the seasons several times, but it's such a funny show. I wish the newest season was out because we haven't watched it yet! We are so anxious for it to be out so we can purchase it.


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