Under the Sea!

Dear blog, summer time is fast approaching: my favorite season. I love spending the days at the beach or pool soaking in the sun while swimming or just tanning. This year I won't be visiting the beach and that makes me very sad; so I have decided to bring the beach to me by making small changes in my home. We recently traveled to Chattanooga TN, we went there to meet Thomas the train, if you want to read about that experience click here. Anyway I did some shopping while I was there. We visited Ross, I love finding great deals at Ross; this day I was not disappointed. I've been thinking about changing my bed sheets because I was tired of the ones I have had. While at Ross, I started searching through the bedding section and I found the perfect quilt for my bed, needless to say I bought it.

My bed is from Ashley Furniture as well as the bench at the end of my bed. I've liked what I have purchased from there recently, so I recommend going to shop at their stores. On the bench I have three of the 7 seven dwarfs from Snow White. I love the dwarfs, I still need to find the other four, but my all time favorite is Dopey. I haven't found the rest of the dwarfs; all I can find are squeeze toys.

The quilt I purchased at Ross was $35, I thought it was a reasonable price and it's exactly what I was looking for. I found a similar one here. I love the colors on the quilt. It is so perfect for summer time. The starfish pillow it's also from Ross, for about $6, I thought it was a reasonable price considering these pillows can be $20 in other stores. I felt like the color goes well with the colors and print on the quilt. A cute pillow similar to mine can be found here and here.

I'm in love with the quilt, it's absolutely stunning. 

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a blessed day :)


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