Update on Pregnancy

Dear blog, I'm not writing this blog to get any attention. I'm writing this because it helps me to let go of this overwhelming weight on my chest. By writing it all down, I won't forget what happened, but I won't have to keep it in my mind. This is my way of  releasing some stress, and I know I will always be able to look back to this blog and see how far we as a family have come. So, if you want to read, then great; if you want to ignore it, then great. This blog is for my piece of mind, and if it touches your soul in some way, then I am glad.

I recently hit my 25 week mark and one of the scariest events happened. I woke up Wednesday morning to get ready for work, it started the same as every other day. I followed my morning routine, I prepared my breakfast and was about to sit down to eat when I just had this weird feeling that I had just peed my pants, so I went to the bathroom. Obviously I had to get changed because I had in fact wet my pants. So I went on to eat my breakfast and I got the same feeling: once again, I go back to the bathroom and had to change again. At this point I was freaking out and asking my mom questions on what it feels like when your water breaks. I know it sounds silly coming from someone who has given birth before, but my water was broken by my doctor last time and I didn't even feel it because I was on pain medicine, so this was a new experience for me. We didn't know what to think, I still went to work; I know gross. I put a pad on, though, I thought that would help catch whatever was coming out. I made it to work and it still hadn't stopped so I called the doctor's office, of course they weren't open yet so I had to talk to the on call doctor. It took him some time to get back to me so I went on with my daily routine. I was a nervous wreck, but I had to keep my mind off what was going on. I finally hear from the doctor and he says he doesn't think it's my water sack since I'm only 25 weeks, but he still wanted me to make an appointment with my OBGYN to be checked. I informed my husband what the doctor said so he could pick me up. My husband took me home to change because I was soaked, I had to call the doctor on our way there.

They were able to get me in around 10:00 a.m. By the time I made it in, I had soaked the pair of pants I had just changed into. When the doctor met with us, it didn't take her long to see that my water had indeed broken. I could not hold my tears back any longer, I didn't understand how it could happened this early and what would happen to my baby girl. I was not showing any signs of labor, so it was weird. I was given my glucose test, I still had several weeks before it was time to do it, but in this circumstance it just needed to be done. At this point I was overwhelmed with not knowing what was going to happen or what I needed to do. The doctor had me sent directly to the hospital and contacted the prenatal doctor. Once in the hospital, I was given a steroid shot to stimulate growth in the baby's lungs, just in case she did come right away. They also put me on antibiotics to prevent any infections in the baby. The doctors are doing a great job at taking every precaution to keep the baby and I healthy and safe. (Side note: I don't even have my hospital bag, I didn't even have the baby's bag ready. I still had three months left, I still had time to pack.)

There are still so many details that haven't been planned, I wasn't ready for this. Also, my baby boy back home, how am I going to be with him? How am I going to get him ready for bed? Guys this was so difficult when I was told I would be on hospital bed rest until the baby cam. My mouth dropped, I can't leave my other baby without his mommy; my fear is that he won't miss me or won't remember me when he sees me again. So all this is flying through my mind, but I decided we could make it work since he would be able to visit me almost everyday in the hospital. But, the doctors were finally able to discuss my situation (remember, this is still all happening on Wednesday), they all came to the conclusion that my baby's best chances were at another hospital. We were told that the first 48 hours are the most critical because that's when the mother is most likely to go into labor. At this time, we have still seen no signs of labor. I wish I was writing a happier post, but I'm so thankful that she is still in the womb and hopefully with God's graces, she will stay in there for a long time. I'm doing my job of drinking plenty of fluids just so she can pee and start making fluids for herself. Also, I am sitting here writing blog posts and reading books, because when they say bed rest, they mean bed rest. I am allowed to use the restroom and that is it.

I praise the wonderful and merciful God who rules my life, I know without a shadow of a doubt that He is in charge of my baby's life and mine. I know He has a plan for everything that happens in our lives. I don't understand His plan yet, nor have I ever really understood His plan, but I know His way is better than mine. This is what helps me get through the day.

This journey is far from over, I still have a long time left in this hospital bed. I have over three months left in the hospital, I plan on doing lots of reading and spending time with God and putting everything in His hands. I can't wait for the weekend, I will be reunited with my son and parents. My husband is staying with me at the moment until we learn more details on what's going to happen.

Thank you for stopping by
Have a blessed day :)


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