After Operation

Dear blog, on Wed when I was moved to a recovery room, I didn't do too much. I was in pain and couldn't move. The one thing I did was visit my baby girl; I was very happy that they allowed me to see her that fast. I didn't get to touch her I just saw her through the incubator :(, which broke my heart I couldn't hold my tears back. I couldn't believe how tiny she was and I can't even hold her and cuddle with her. Wed wasn't a very adventurous day, a lot of laying around and resting.

Thursday was just awful, I couldn't keep any food down. I was throwing up most of the day. I was told I needed to start walking so I did because I just want to start feeling better and be able to do things on my own. I'm tired of being pricked to take blood out, there is absolutely no more places for the nurses to poke. My right arm has an IV and it's swollen so they only have my left arm and that arm is so bruised already. They can't even find veins. On Thursday I was finally able to use the restroom, oh my gosh that was such a relief. I'm sorry, tmi.

I'm slowly getting better, I'm getting better at doing things on my own. I can get out of bed on my own, but I'm still not great.


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