Clean! Clean! Clean!

Dear blog,
When my son was born, I became more conscience of the types of products I wanted to use on him. At the time, I was watching it'sjudyslife on Youtube and I heard about The Honest Company. Immediately, I started researching the company and I liked the idea about using organic products. I proceeded to buy a couple of their products such as the dish soap, shower gel, and lotion. I first purchased these products at Buy Buy Baby and I bought several just to have as back ups. I like to have back ups; I panic if I don't. I was excited to start using the products. I still use all three of those products with my son and I plan to use them with my daughter. I recently found that they have a bubble bath product; of course I bought it. It's a great product, it makes lots of bubbles and my son loves it. If your children like to take bubble baths, try this product.

Currently, I'm using the dish soap and I'm running low on it. I already ordered another bottle, before I run out. I like using this product to clean my son's bottle. I don't like the idea of using dish soap with harsh chemicals on my son's bottle. I always get the lavender scent, I've been wanting to change it up a bit and try a different scent but I don't know if I can do it.

If been wanting to try different products from the brand and I have recently bought two new products to try. I was surprised at how affordable they were. I'm really excited to try them out.

First, I want to try something that is not as strong as Clorox, but that cleans just as well. The smell of Clorox makes me sick and I know this product will not do that :). This is the honest toilet cleaner.

I usually use Dreft detergent, but I wanted to try something with less chemicals and without a strong scent. This is the honest laundry detergent.

I really enjoy using this brand and I highly recommend you use it. There are still other products that I want to try! Like the candles, the sunscreen , and a product for "that" time of the month.


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