June Favorites From My Son

Dear blog, I thought it would be a neat concept to post my son's favorite products of the month. I'm excited to trying this out, I love to look back and see the products I've been using on him and he has enjoyed. So let's begin:)!

My son loves trains, which is why the first two items deal with trains, lol. I wrote a post about taking him to spend the day with Thomas the Train. He had such a wonderful time, I hope to take him again next year. This is a book I have been reading to him lately and he likes the books that make noise. He has gotten really good at identifying the characters. The name of the book is Thomas and Friends Find That Freight! from Toys R Us.

This train my parents bought, at the Chattanooga Battlefield as a souvenir. My son took it from their house because he wanted to play with it, lol. So he has been playing with it all around the house saying "choo choo train." I personally love it!! 

He has been loving these Kellogg's fruit snacks; Disney Pixar's Finding Dory, He likes Nemo and Dory. When he wants a packet he will say Nemo and that's my cue to get him some fruit snacks. He can eat about three packets, he likes them that much. The first time I bought them at Kroger, but it didn't bring enough in the box. So I found a big box of them at Sam's for a reasonable price. That's where I will be buying them again.

Another thing my son loves is bath time! He loves for us to fill the tub, when he sees us doing it he grabs his Honest bubble bath bottle from the bottom of the sink and drops in his bath toys. This particular bottle I purchased from TJ Maxx.

So these are a few of his favorites for the month. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a blessed day.


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