Kangaroo Care

Dear blog, giving birth to a premie has been one of the hardest thing I've had to do. Not getting to hold my baby whenever I want. Seeing her attached to different machines is just something very hard to see. I wish I could just hold her and her not be attached to the machines, but since I can't constantly hold her. every time I get to do skin to skin contact is the greatest feeling. There's a thing called Kangaroo Care and this is when you hold your baby tucked into your shirt, I looked like a Kangaroo. I'm so thankful for the March of Dimes Association; they provide the cutest gifts. When I did my first skin to skin I got a gift. It's a kangaroo, with a mirror, and a water bottle. I love the kangaroo, it's such a neat reminder of my first time. I have a feeling my family and I will be helping this cause.

This was on May 24, my first time holding her, I had to wear a blue gown and gloves. I couldn't touch her :(. Very hard!!

This was on May 27, after disease control gave permission to finally do skin to skin, I was so happy!! She was so smooth and I love feeling her warm skin on mine. I think she enjoyed me holding her. 


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