Lavender and Frankincense

Dear blog, on Tuesday June 2 has been two weeks since my surgery and I cannot be more happy. After a week of surgery, my incision started to itch and I was looking for something to help with the itch and the inflammation. Since I use oils, I thought I would find what oils could possibly help. So I reached out to my mentor and she had some suggestions. I began to use them immediately and since then I have noticed a huge difference. I began to use it on the big bruise I have on my belly as well because it was very swollen and I wanted for it to go down so I will start feeling better. The pictures I will be posting will be from the big bruise and the big difference the oils have made. I rub them on every night before bed and I take the picture the next day.

The oils I have been using are from Young Living and they are Lavender and Frankincense.

This one was several days after surgery, I decided to brave it and see how it looked and I freaked out because that explained the pain I was experiencing.

Day 1

Day 2
Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

 Each day I noticed a huge difference, I'm going to keep using them and see if the swollen goes away completely. I love my oils, I really want to expand my collection and knowledge on their usage. Love the results from using my oils :).

*This is what worked for me and it's my own experience and opinion.This is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness.


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