Date Night

Dear blog, my husband and I decided to celebrate out 7th year anniversary a few days early. We could either celebrate early, or nt celebrate at all because our daughter is coming home from the hospital this weekend. So we took advantage of a free night. We went to Olive Garden because my bother and sister-in-law gave me a gift card to that restaurant for my birthday. I mean, we probably would have gone there regardless, it's one of our favorite restaurants.

We had a wonderful night, it was weird just being the two of us. We usually go out with our son. It was nice to be the two of us though. We got to talk and not worry about our son trying to stand up on his high chair or spilling water on him self lol.

 We started off with Pasta e Fagioli

I ordered the Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. One of my favorite dishes, I love cheese lol. 

My husband ordered Tuscan Sirloin and oh my gosh it was delicious. If you go to Olive Garden you need to try this plate. 

We don't usually order desserts when we go out to eat, but on this date we decided to treat ourselves. Their new dessert caught my eye and I had to try it; it's the Chocolate Caramel Lasagna. Absolutely delicious I highly recommend it. 

After Olive Garden we went to the mall to walk off the dinner we just ate. Look at these unique purses from Betsey Johnson at Dillard's. They are really cute. 

We always end our date drinking coffee at Starbucks. We go to the Barnes and Noble Cafe because we can use our membership to get a discount. I like the different Harry Potter products they are selling for the new movie. 
These are some decorated shortbread cookies.

I usually order a White Chocolate Mocha. I have an addiction to Starbucks coffee. 


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