Dodge Charger

Dear blog, I'm not that into cars. Its not something I enjoy to shop for or even search online for; my husband does all that. I tell him what I'm looking for in a car and he does his thing to find the perfect car for us. Just last year, my husband bought us a 2015 Dodge Charger. I had to buy a car since I started working :(. I wanted to stay at home, but it just wasn't possible.

To be honest a Charger is not the car of my dreams. I've always wanted to drive a BMW. I remember when I turned 15, at my quinceanera, the master of ceremonies was stating facts about me: for example, what I aspire to be when I grew up, my favorite type of food, the car I wanted to drive, etc. I wanted a white BMW with a sun roof lol. To this day that is my dream car.

Now, I'm not trashing my current car, I actually really like my car. My Charger is white, just like the BMW I always wanted. I love how the Charger drives, I've never even been inside a BMW let alone driven one. I hope it drives as smooth as my Charger. Since my Charger is a sports car, it is pretty fast. Sometimes I don't realize how fast I'm actually going (which is awful). I feel safe when I'm driving the car. It has plenty of leg room in the back seats and our son's car seat fits perfectly, but now that our family has grown I think we need a larger car, preferably one with a third row. Some qualities I like about my car is that I don't have to put the key in the ignition to turn it on. I can use the remote start and the push button start. This is perfect for those times that my hands are full; plus, getting the AC or heater going before I get in is so awesome. Also, I like that my keys can stay in my purse at all times. I rarely ever misplace my keys anymore, except when my son manages to find them. I can link my iPhone to the car without ever connecting a cord. I don't like to listen to the radio much, so I like that I can link my phone to my car through blue tooth. And since my phone is linked to the car I can make calls hands free, I can just speak to my car. Probably the thing I like the most about my car is that when I back out, it beeps at me if I'm getting close to any objects. I'm so thankful for it, I love that beep, lol. Also, I like that it gets good gas mileage. I can usually get close to two weeks worth of driving when I fill up my tank.

I was driving to work one day, one of my students saw me, and thought I was the coolest because I was driving a Dodge Charger, it made my day.

I really like my car, I recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it. But I do hope that in the future I can have my white BMW.

This picture shows back up assist system :). Again, so thankful for that feature.


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