Mickey Mouse my Son's BFF

Dear blog, I have talked about my obsession with Walt Disney World and how I'm planning to visit again next year. I took my son last year for his first birthday and I would like to do the same for his sister. Last year when we went, we took a picture with Mickey Mouse, my son was so beyond excited. He kept grabbing Mickey's nose. It was such a memorable and unforgettable experience. At that time he didn't recognize Mickey and didn't know who he was. Fast forward to now, he knows who Mickey is. On our bedroom I have a picture of us three with Mickey and every time he comes to my room he points at it and says "Mickey". So cute!!!!!!!!!!!

He has a plush Mickey doll that he got at Toys R Us last year for a $1. This is probably his favorite toy, followed by his choo choo trains, and Jake. Before I was put in the hospital I was potty training him and he was doing so well. He was making huge improvements, but everything changed once I went to the hospital. Now he doesn't have any interest in using the potty, but he likes for Mickey to go sit on the toilet. He puts Mickey on his Jake and the Neverland Pirates toilet seat and he leaves Mickey there doing his business. It's really funny, thank goodness Mickey has not ended in the toilet. Yet!

He also likes to change Mickey's diaper. He would go to his room and grab a diaper and bring it to me so I can put it on Mickey. He tries to do it first, and when he can't he brings him to me.

The latest  thing he has done to Mickey is sitting him on his sister's Minnie Mouse bouncer and Mickey has to be strapped in. He gets mad if we don't strap him in properly. While Mickey is sitting on the bounce, he tries to feed him milk from his cup. I mean it is so stinking cute, I can't get over it. I love my baby boy. I love seeing him happy and I can't wait for him to meet Mickey now that he is older and he can recognize him. I believe it's going to be something he will never forget.

Walt Disney World, where dreams come true!!


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