Pokemon Go

Dear blog, I recently downloaded the game Pokemon Go app. I never thought that I would play the game. I was never a Pokemon fan, but as I saw more people playing it and my husband started talking to me about it, I thought I should give it a try. Also, I have a feeling that lots of my students are going to come back to school talking about the game and what better way to bond with them than by playing a game they enjoy. I'm not very advanced, I'm only on level 4, very close to level 5! My husband and I got to play a little as we were driving to the hospital. Let me tell you, we saw lots of people walking around playing the game. I like how this game has made people more active. They all want to go on walks and catch Pokemon with their children. I've read several of those posts on Facebook. I'm glad that we finally have a video game that is making an impact on people's physical health. Now, I think people still need to respect the law, not trespass, and to pay attention to their surroundings; other than that, I don't have a problem with the game.

Here are some pictures of my husband and I playing Pokemon Go.

Here my husband was in the middle of  a battle. It was intense lol. He won by the way.


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