Saturday Adventure!

Dear blog, our lives have been so chaotic and we haven't had time to do anything fun. All we did for the last two months was go to the hospital, so I was ready to visit new places. Our first adventure after being back home was to an indoor play area. Where the children can pretend. It was okay, not what I expected. But it wasn't about me, it was about my son and he seemed to have a good time. When I lived in Miami I went to a similar one at the Miami Children's Museum that was really good and that's what I had thought this one would be.

There were trains there and he liked to go down the slide with them!

He liked driving this car, he would always come back to this one. I think it's a sign that I need to get him one.

He also liked driving the shopping cart around. This one is from Melissa and Doug. That is his favorite thing to do when we go grocery shopping. I'm getting him one for Christmas :).
I liked how they used recycled boxes for their market section. 

I like the door to the women's bathroom. It looks like the Tardis from Doctor Who. One of my favorite shows.

This one was a castle and the children can play with pretend swords like knights.

 After we left the place we decided to walk around to see what cool shops we could fine. I found some really cool places, this cupcake place was one of them. I loved the way it was decorated. I found it so chic, I pictured myself going there and working on my blogs while drinking coffee.

I took some snacks for our adventure. For my son I took some Dory fruit snacks. He loves these. Also, I took some Mott's apple sauce and Quaker Granola Bar. For the adults I brought Hillshire plates, it was delicious; it brings crackers, cheese, and salami. I'm planning on buying some more next time I'm at Kroger. I stored the snacks in a Lighting McQueen lunch box similar one here.

Here we are eating the snacks that I bought at Kroger and drinking an espresso and a caramel machiatto from the cupcake shop.

Overall it was a fun and relaxing day out of the house. I can't wait to go on more adventures with my children. I was sad my husband had to work and couldn't come with us.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful day :)


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